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DELBASSO parquet

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Flooring Agents

Are you going to Ecobuild 2018 from 5th to 8th March?

Then Delbasso Parquet would love to meet you!

We merge craftsmanship and industrial ability to offer customized solutions and a very high-quality product, so you can choose from 3-layer wood flooring, 2-layer wood flooring, Hardwood flooring, and Decking.

All products are finished in Italy, by hand, in our workshops; in this way, our artisan wood flooring can be enriched with more and different finishes.

DELBASSO parquet ensures an eco-friendly treatment with vegetable oils and natural ingredients that do not pollute and make the environment more comfortable and healthy.

We are looking for Sales Agents for all UK and Ireland and we are in the UK for 5 days from the 6-9.


Keywords: Wood flooring, Flooring, Artisan, Parquet