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De Mercuur Metal Spinning, Deep Drawing and 3D Laser Cutting

Area – UK + Ireland
Training + Engineering and Marketing Support

Sales Agents Required
We are looking for Sales Agents across the UK and Ireland and offer a realistic OTE of approximately £35k.
The products and technology we provide will complement his or her existing sales portfolio. Alternatively, sales agents could have an existing network in adjacent industries, e.g. injection moulding.
The markets we serve are diverse and characterised by technical production companies that develop their own products through in-house engineering, like:
• Automotive,
• Gas Exhaust,
• Ventilator,
• Machine parts,
• Medical Equipment,
• Lighting etc.
This is a repeat business.

About Us
De Mercuur is specialised in Metal Spinning, Deep Drawing, 3D Laser Cutting.
We offer 900+ different, customer bespoke, semi manufactured industrial products to the European B2B market. Founded in 1952 and based in the Netherlands, we have grown into a fully automated and robotised company, and now supply more than 1.2 million units to customers in the European market. Annual turnover €3.5mln.