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Davenport-Burgess Ltd

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Sales Opportunity
UK | Northern Ireland | Republic of Ireland

Previous / existing contact with target market Ability
time to take on another principle / product brand / range

Commissions & Support
• 10%-12.5% Commission
• Payment at the end of the following month of invoice
• Territory to be discussed based upon geographical
location and customer category Agency agreement
• Full marketing support, samples, price lists, brochures,
news-sheets, web site, display / sample cases
• Exhibitions will be considered if / when
applicable No training required

Product Overview
The Skwares range of licenses applied to our Metal Key Rings and Pet Tags are just a small selection of what can potentially be produced.
With a huge back catalogue of licenses and an ever developing list of up and coming releases, this presents a unique opportunity to create an ever evolving range of popular characters.
As well as the aforementioned products, we have some new exciting lines in development and can offer the ability to develop exclusive lines and produce limited edition runs, giving greater appeal to the consumer.

Target Markets
Garden Centres, Gift Shops, Department Stores, Comic Shop, Record / Music stores, Supermarkets, Toy / Novelty / Hobby stores Possibly schools, colleges universities

About Us
Matoon Ltd specialise in the development and distribution of unique licensed products under the “Skwares” brand.
Our links and partnerships into the licensing world allow us to access an immense number of themes from the latest film releases to the “evergreen” characters of yester year.
Originally developing a range of licensed key blanks, we quickly saw the opportunity to develop other synergistic products that would appeal
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