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Dani Spa

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Dani Sustainable Leather

Is looking for an Agent

We are looking for an Agent,#possibly but not necessarily, based in London, with an already existing customer portfolio, primarily consisting of leather goods, footwear companies, who will promote and sell our products throughout UK territory.

Dani Sustainable Leather is one of the biggest Italian tanneries, with three production sites and around 1000 employees, which boasts a long-standing tradition and produces high quality, Made in Italy leather for prestigious brands of upholstery, automotive, marine, aviation, high technologies, and fashion sectors.

Our corporate philosophy is made of passion for innovation, tradition, and respect for the environment. Each of our products embodies our values and know-how that allowed us to become the excellence o which we are recognized for – “Made in Italy”. If you are interested in pursuing this exciting opportunity, which offers excellent commissions and all the necessary support please contact us.