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Coensus-hr ltd

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Area – UK 25% Commission + Marketing support + Training

Sales Agents Required

Experience in the recruitment industry would be an advantage, but this is more an opprtunity based on contacts. Speaking to an business owner/manager about recruitment will throw up the usual comments about the time and money it takes, without really getting the right people at the end of the process.


  • Coensus-hr sells normative psychometric assessments to help improve the recruitment process. The system can help create job adverts and post them on job boards, before using assessments to measure an individuals job-FIT profile against a job benchmark – agreed in advance with the client
  • The aim is to automate most of the recruitmentprocess and use science rather than instinct to ensure clients recruit the right person for the right role, first time very time.
  • More than 7 million Prevue assessments have been sold worldwide and rapid growth is expected in this fertile service sector as more businesses  baulk at the expense of recruitment agencies
  • We believe this is the best applicant processing system available in the UK today. It is a highly competitive, cost effective solution with high conversion rate following face-to-face presentations and pilot trials.
  • The entire business is online and would require an agent to be computer literate, typically using Office 365 apps, but training is given in use of the specialist HR software. Technical support is available as part of the client package, so agents do not have to worry about getting under the skin of the software – we do that.
    • Once the client has purchased an unlimited-use annual licence, they receive training from the Coensus team and then everything else is done online, with no further contact required – other than client satisfaction meetings and to sign them up to extend the contract each year!
    About us
    Coensus-hr is new, formed in 2017 and at the start of an aggressive growth strategy to take a slice of the £31bn recruitment market in the UK.
    We are fresh to this market and have no pre-conceived ideas – if it works, let’s do it is our attitude, so agents will not have lots of rules and guidelines to follow – we’re all about the sale and raising the profile of our services and the benefits on offer.

Keywords: Recruit better, Reduce staff turnover, People Development, Reduce hiring costs, Application Tracking, Psychometrics, online assessments, recurring income, approach to work, talent acquisition, increase hiring success, increase productivity, succession planning, retail and hospitality fit, less instinct, more science