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A Legacy Built in Stone

Area UK and Northern Ireland

10% Commission + Training + Samples, Website & Catalogues

Sales Agents Required

We are ideally seeking Sales Agents with experience and contacts in the building and architects industry with good knowledge of store products though this is not absolutely necessary. We supply Marbles, Granites, Travertines for cladding, Flooring, Stair paving all for interior and exterior use. You will be targeting:

  • Interior designers,
  • Architects,
  • Contractors 
  • Building developers



  • Over 100 years experience
  • Excellent Quality Product
  • Excellent Customer Support (before, during and after sales)
  • Fast response time


About us

We are proud of our legacy which has stretched for over a hundred years. Our natural stone industry has worked closely with important architects throughout Italy and abroad with clients such as Bofil and Chipperfield to name a few. We have always strived for excellence not only in our products but also our customer service for the laying and assembly of our stone.


Keywords: Leading marble Italian company is seeking for agents