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Cashflow Protector ltd

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Helping Great British Businesses Grow

…by introducing them to our automated credit control, late payment and debt collection service

Area – UK-wide

£250 sign-up bonus plus ongoing monthly 10% commission per client

Additional income for minimal additional effort!

Do you have regular meetings with senior managers for whom cash flow is a problem? Cashflow Protector can help them – and you! We will provide full support – all you need to do is steer the conversation in your usual meetings and refer clients to us.

Cashflow Protector will give your clients peace of mind and business growth

Established in 2006, Cashflow Protector, as featured in the national press, is a revolutionary approach to credit control, late payments, and debt collection.

An entirely automated software system, Cashflow Protector uses the latest technology to save businesses time, money and hassle by managing their credit control, late payments and debt collections for them.

Clients simply upload invoices to our system and we take it from there. All correspondence uses clients’ branding and our experienced teams ensure that payments are made on time and debts collected, allowing your clients to focus on doing what they do best – growing their business.


  • clients do not waste valuable time chasing late payments
  • Cashflow is increased, helping businesses to grow and in many cases continue to trade.
  • The process is automated so no payments are missed, there is a full paper trail and client-supplier relationship are kept separate.
  • Quick and simple to use, no need for lengthy meetings or explanations.
  • Clients have the option for us to act as them where all actions, emails, letters and telephone calls made under their name with their own telephone number.

You won’t be selling – you’ll be doing your clients a favour!

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