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Benfield ATT Group

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Earn an EXTRA £30,000 p.a. from just 1 sale a week of trusted “SolidLox” brand ancillary buildings

About us
“SolidLox” designs and manufactures rationalised, traditional Heritage style, easy build Post and Beam structures in Green Oak and other timbers. We have a range of over 70 standard garage and car port designs and provide a fully bespoke design service.

Target Market
“SolidLox” is bought by Local Builders, House-Builders, Architects, Designers, Garden Centres, Builders Merchants, Hotel & Leisure Operators, Schools, Sports Clubs, Company Directors, and more.

Agents Package
Negotiate your exclusive territory based on a required 1 sale per week per 500,000 population (after running in period).
Earn £200 to £1,000 from each individual product sale – with multiple sales per call possible – from 4% commission + renewals, paid on conclusion  of sale (usually 4 to 6 weeks).
• Standard, simple agency agreement provided.
• Product training as required. Initial leaflets and leads provided.
• Potential to become specified local office subject to performance.

The Ideal Agent
Agents already calling on those people who specify, buy, or sell components or buildings and who have some construction knowledge are likely to ‘take off’ and secure sales most quickly.