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Bee Eco

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Green Energy

Area – Nationally

10% Commission on the Ice Cold Technology

3% Commission on Solar

Sales Agents Required

We are looking for Sales Agents that would have a good network of potential clients that fit our criteria. Target areas include – Commercial site owners, school, public sector, hotels, supermarkets, food manufacturers and whoever would like to reduce their energy bills. (Minimum- 5,000 sq ft/ Electric bills of at least £1000 per month)


We are the only company to offer three options:

  1. Purchase option
  2. Partially funded
  3. Fully funded

We are also the only company in Europe that is eligible to distribute the Ice Cold product.

About Us

Bee Eco Ltd. has been established since 2015. We are a new renewable energy saving company, that specializes in fully funded solar for commercial companies (please refer to our brochure via email). In addition, we obtain exclusivity, in Europe, on a product called ‘Ice Cold’. This is a liquid that goes into air conditioning units and chillers, enhancing its performance and effectively reduces the cost on electricity bills, as well as increasing the lifespan of equipment.

Bee Eco

Go green save money

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