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BBB Investments Ltd / COAST Torches

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Area – Various areas available across the UK

10% commission + Qualified leads + Marketing support + Training


We are looking for agents with existing coverage into either the industrial and/or outdoor sectors.

Introduced into the UK in late 2012, COAST has been incredibly well received with over a million COAST products now in use and an ever-growing customer fan base.

We provide the complete COAST range of professional LED Torches, Head Torches, Multi-tools and Knives, all backed up with the Coast 5 Year Warranty.

Featuring the latest LED technology, COAST prides itself on a comprehensive range of products with the finest beam quality. Our Target Markets are essentially split between:

INDUSTRIAL – tool shops, industrial merchants, engineers merchants, bulking and plumbing merchants, electrical wholesale, automotive, hardware and DIY.

OUTDOOR – outdoor camping, marine, caravanning, fishing and shooting and premium gift.



Founded in 1919 in Portland Oregon, USA, COAST has a history steeped in innovation, producing cutting edge products to make lives a little bit easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Providing products to militaries, professionals, hobbyists and outdoorsmen across the globe and backed by our superb 5 year warranty we are truly proud of what we do.


As the worlds leading premium torch brand COAST remain the cutting edge of LED technology. With a comprehensive range of torches, head torches, multi-tools and knives COAST products are trusted the world over.

As true specialists, we design products with the end user in mind, from different beam types, colour, twist and slide focusing, rechargeable and all things in between.


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