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Does your home need some TLC?

Area – UK and Northern Ireland

10% Commission + Marketing support + Training

Algimouss is a specialist in producing cleaning, treatment and protection solutions of buildings, building
materials from the impacts of environmental damage, such as Moss, lichen, pollution etc.
As a new venture in the UK (but with more than 40 years of experience in France), we are looking for
Agents to use their initiative and client portfolio to ensure the products are promoted to those B2B
customers who would ensure a durable and mutually profitable relationship in terms of sales, volume and
complementary product lines.

The ideal Agents will have:
A solid portfolio of customers within our target market sector.
Experience and desire to promote a premium product in a competitive market.
Ability to understand and promote the positive differentiations offered by our products to potential customers.
Understand the “complete solution”.

Target markets include:
Customer base: 60% professionals /
40% public via B2B distributors:
• Builders’ merchants
• Paint retailers and Decorators
• Building contractors
• Roofers
• DIY stores
• Garden centres
• Timber industry