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Ajax Machine Tools International Ltd

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Lead Generators Required to identify customers in need for an engineering machine tool
Areas – UK & Ireland

We target engineering companies including:
Production, Prototyping, Maintenance Workshops, Toolrooms, Colleges & Universities.

About Us
Ajax Machine Tools International Ltd is a Family owned business with circa.£2.5-3m turover, export machinery to over 40 countries and have been in business for over 75 years.
We supply and service a full range of CNC & Manual machines including: Milling, turning lathes, bench pedestal and radial drills, surface & cylindrical grinding, bench and pedestal grinders, sawing  machines as well as sheet metal and workshop machines.

Agent Specification
We are looking for qualified lead generators not order takers who can identify a customer in need for an engineering machine tool. Must have a basic knowledge of machinery desired and someone who’s current business includes working with a database of engineering companies. If you know your customers well you can choose to be involved in the sales process if you wish to do so.

• Minimum 5% Maximum 10% per order
• Average Order Intake £25,000
• Order Value £2,000 to £100,000

Potential Earning
£1,000-£100,000- Uncapped
Mid to high range machine can potentially earn up to £8,000 commission -PER ORDER

Marketing Support
Dedicated personal support from inception of enquiry through to completion of order with or without agent personal input. Training is provided if required and specific to needs.

Agreement & Payment Terms
Agency Agreement can be arranged if required and tailored specifically.
Commission payment will be made upon receipt of the final payment from customer.