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ActiCheck Ltd

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A great opportunity to
improve lives and earn well

In a growth field, identified as being of national importance,
the Assure ‘stay-connected’ wristband is like nothing else!

Area – UK & Ireland
17½% Commission + Training + Marketing Support

Unique opportunity
An award winning wearable tech product, for anyone who
spends significant time alone. It has been developed and
piloted in the UK and we are looking for motivated agents to
develop key accounts.
Our target markets include: Local Government, Social Housing,
Healthcare; Health insurers; Retirement Communities; and

Existing pendant alarms (e,g, Piper) are dated and disliked by
users. The Assure is an Award winning design using the latest
technology offering the following benefits:
● The Assure is waterproof and has a 1-year battery life so it is
truly ‘fit & forget’. It can be put on and left on for a whole
year of active monitoring and is always there when needed.
● Unique wellness check-ins when, at chosen times, the band
buzzes and the wearer confirms they are OK by pressing a
button on the wristband. This provides people who live alone
touchpoints with the outside world.
● SOS buttons to call for help.
● Automatic alert if severe fall detected.
● Track personal activity levels and warn if the household
appears to be too cold.
● Simple to use and quick to set-up by the wearer or a family
● Family & Community engagement to form the responder
circle whether or not a monitoring centre is used.
The Assure’s intelligent use of automated calls, emails and
SMS texts to ensure people receive the right level of
● Managed through an online dashboard which (authorised)
people can look in on the wearer’s patterns for added
● As well as home & garden coverage the Assure will link with a
smartphone when the wearer is out to maintain the
● Retail costs in line with ‘traditional’ competitors.

About Acticheck
Formed in Jan 2014 to solve a problem the founder had identified
when trying to look after his family we developed the Assure with a
small and dedicated staff.
The Assure has customers who have renewed for the third year and
some who have bought additional systems for other family members.
We secured runner-up position in a Global competition identifying the
best innovations for ‘family, friends and community’ and have also
won major international design recognition for the wristband.